Softball failure

Athletic ability is NOT my best quality by a mile. I “played” sports because my friends played sports. I am the queen of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) so obvi I didn’t want to miss out on friend time especially when it meant we’d all be wearing matching outfits.

Now that I’m an adult my aunts and uncles inform me that they’d take time out of their busy lives to come watch me play softball. They’d sit there watching me dive in front of every pitch because I didn’t want everyone there to see how sweaty I could actually get by having to run. Instead i’d purposely get pegged and walk casually with a slight limp for effect. Then when I got back to the bench I’d sit there eating whatever snacks everyone had brought and I’d French braid the entire teams hair. They would sit there giggling and wishing they were somewhere else, I’m sure, while I pretended to play softball.

I don’t regret a thing though. I couldn’t hit. I could barely catch. I definitely couldn’t run but I sure did give a mean French braid by the end of my first softball season. I can still French braid like nobodies business which has helped me in my current life as a hairstylist. What would being a star softball player have done for my life? We will never know I guess.

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