Wesley Snipes

Some facts about me and WesleySnipes

{also the title of one of the short stories in my book: Chapstick Eater; Exploits of an Oddball} .

1. No, I don’t know Wesley Snipes..

2. I never planned on interacting with him in any real life situation. Ever. .

3. I’m certain he most likely panics if he boards a plane and sees a short chubby girl with glasses on the same flight.

4. Yes, my Best friend Lauren, still is one my best friends. We’ve flown together again after that flight…. we did not sit together on a plane ever again though lol.

5. Haven’t been back to Vegas since.

6. I’ve never been able to watch Passenger 57 in its entirety (I’m scared of planes as it is).

Click on the link to check out: Chapstick Eater; Exploits of an Oddball and read the whole Wesley Snipes saga in its entirety https://www.amazon.com/Chapstick-Eater-Exploits-Jaclyn-DellaTorre/dp/0692192549/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 .

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